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A date with Brainshark
Yes, of course you can use the tools built within PowerPoint 2010 to turn your slideshow into a video file. Yes, you can post...

Posted on 2/8/2012

The best Super Bowl ad you didn’t see
Great advertisements, like great presentations, tell stories. And while many of last night’s Super Bowl commercials were hilarious, entertaining and memorable, not one gripped...

Posted on 2/6/2012

Ready to tab out?
You’re demonstrating your SaaS or other web-based solution to your prospect using Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox. Over the course of the demo, you’ve...

Posted on 1/29/2012

Not my type
Great question came up in a presentation this week. Situation: The software you’re demonstrating includes a capability that enables users to author multiple-choice questions–something...

Posted on 1/18/2012

Your meetings stink!
When I asked my Facebook friends recently what they disliked about corporate meetings, every response was centered around what people do at meetings to...

Posted on 8/29/2011